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We are an up and coming private business venture that is looking to grow. Our founder and CEO, Leon Mayer, started LQUIFY in 2020 with the vision of creating a new outlet for illiquid assets. Leon felt that being stuck in an investment without an early exit was an opportunity to create a new secondary market. After much growth, Keved Mayer joined the LQUIFY team as COO. Our commitment to integrity and fair market-value offers is what helps our business grow. Free your cash.  

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Our company was founded in 2021 with the vision of creating a secondary market for illiquid assets. We believe that everyone should have the flexibility of selling their interests before a deal reaches maturity, in exchange for a cash offer. Our goal at LQUIFY is to create a large portfolio with different types of assets and investments in exchange for liquidity.We buy investments from people who need to make a cash exit before their investment reaches maturity. Unleash your assets. 


We start our evaluation process by discussing the asset and its current commitments. Once we've compiled all the necessary information we begin the review process. We evaluate the asset, cash flow, and revenue in order to make a fair offer. We stand by our commitment to make an offer based on value, not opportunity, and ensure our client satisfaction throughout the process. The deal is completed with the client receiving a cash benefit and LQUIFY receiving the asset. Lquify your capital. 

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